September 2020

September 2020

Long Term:  Leigh, Kathy and Bill, Dorothy, Becky P, Betty P, Frances, Jim G , Gary & Marty D,  Deacon Joanne, Anna, Sara C, Ann Marie, Kristie P, Manuel, Ann Marie, Ron B, Brady, Charlotte S, Sue S, Suzanne and family

Short Term: Chuck, , Mark, Phil, Jim, Michelle, Michelle and Alison, Gino L, Bob, Don and Sue, Nancy, Sue H, Alfred, John B, Linda D, Theresa, Kerri and family.

Home bound:  Jim, Faith and Sue W

Military: Richie, Brandon G, Ian F and Ben H

Prayers of Protection: Marcia, Katia, Maria, Missi, Mary Jane, Carma, Alisha, Chris, Rachel, Ed and Sharon H, Tom T. Sue G, Ruth P, Dawn R, Florence K, Elizabeth S, Jerry, Shawn, Alison, Cheyenne, Della, Michelle, Zachary, Jeanette, and all others selflessly working. 

Prayers of Thanksgiving:  Due to the generosity of our parishioners, the AED is now fully paid for and we even have some extra money for the next battery! Hurray!

To add to the Prayer list please text or call Sue Gunn.