Blessing Box

As a response to Covid 19 and the resulting need for “Just a Helping Hand” a“Blessing Box” was set up on April 21, 2021.  It is located on the church grounds on Callodine Ave, near Longmeadow Rd.  Nonperishable food and pet food are free and available to all residents in need. No questions asked, and the box is open 24/7. As with all Blessing boxes, neighbors are also able and encouraged to leave donations. 

Donations can be left in the Threads of Hope Linen Pantry side hall. It is the small yellow house next to the church-faces Callodine. On Sundays, please leave items in the large black shopping cart inside the front door of the church(narthex), inside a box on the L front pew, or in the undercroft inside a box, outside the storage room.

Supplies to be stocked:

  • Non-perishable food items such as: soup, vegetables, pasta, spaghetti, nonperishable milk, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, crackers, tuna fish, canned chicken, etc.
  • Pet food & care items such as canned cat food, small kitty litter, Dog food (small dry or cans)

Contact Gary Donhauser, Lois Tripp, or Tori Paradise for general supplies, Alison Mohr for pet food

Call (716) 832-9764 or email

Thank you!

Gary Donhauser, Alison Mohr, Tori Paradise and Lois Tripp