September 2020

Lectors for Zoom Service

September 6        1.  Merrie Hill             

                            2.  Ed Hill                     

September 13      1.  Lee  McElhinny            

                             2.  Joanne Frake

September 20      1. Jane Cushman

                               2.  Damon Piatov

September 27      1.  Mary Reed

                             2.  Al Price

Please let Merrie Hill know if you would like to read a lesson on Zoom or if you are not able to read when scheduled.

Check in & Usher Schedule –In-Person Church

*Temperature/Check in                   *Usher

September 6     Lois Tripp             Linda Pike   

September 13   Maria Pinti           Linda Pike

September 20   Sue Gunn            Scott Millar

September 27    Missi Lopat         Carolyn Bongi

Please arrive at 8:45 AM for 9:00 AM service.